Tom Quinn Kumpf grew up in a mixed, working-class neighborhood in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He served with the US Navy in Vietnam and has since been deeply involved in conflict resolution and veterans' issues. He was part of a delegation of Vietnam veterans to visit the former Soviet Union, working with Soviet  veterans of the war in Afghanistan, and has worked in many other areas of conflict in the world.


    He is an internationally recognized, award-winning photographer whose work has appeared in numerous publications and in exhibitions throughout the US, Europe, and the former USSR. He works primarily in documentary, travel, and portrait photography and serves as a consultant for photo projects and exhibitions. He currently lives in New Mexico.

Tom Quinn Kumpf
Molly Davis

For as long as I remember, having a brush in my hand has given me the greatest pleasure. I also paint for the sheer joy of expressing the many subtle changes I see in the light at sunrise and sunset, and the multitude of colors I find in nature that constantly inspire me to interpret them in paint.

     I generally work in watercolor and oil, with about half of my time spent painting outdoors. Painting in nature revitalizes me. Because the light changes from one section of the country to the next I take annual trips across the United States and abroad to study and paint.

     I work every day, painting and studying with artists. I believe that drawing and the fundamentals of painting must be learned before you can become a complete artist.

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