New Book!

The Coroner's Tales

By Bob Murray

with Photographs by Tom Quinn Kumpf
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Bob Murray’s new collection of poems is now available for purchase. Written entirely in limerick form, the coroner speaker is a crusty old wannabe Irishman with a head full of pub tales and a heart full of longing. His meandering rhetoric is complemented throughout by the presence of dozens of stark photos taken in Ireland by the award-winning photojournalist Tom Quinn Kumpf. His images are haunting, and they linger, invite introspection, feeling exploration. In that regard, they create the ideal physical and emotional setting for Murray’s poems, mirroring them both energetically and tonally. 

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Paperback edition

ISBN: 979-8-9852698-0-2


5.25 x 8.25 inches

86 pages

Black & white and color images